Childcare companies struggling with the COVID-19 protocol


Childcare companies still face daily challenges with the COVID-19 protocol.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Country Cottage Preschool requires students to wear masks indoors.

“There are a lot of opinions with parents and I think it’s a great thing to juggle. There are certain factors, regulations and policies that we need to have in place in order to keep our doors open to the community, ”said Brianna Ash, owner of Country Cottage Preschool.

Kindergarten saw the number of students drop from 62 to six at the height of the pandemic, with parents initially withdrawing students for fear their child would be exposed to COVID-19.

“We are tired of decisions. I feel like I might cry saying how overwhelmed and isolated I feel right now. I don’t even have time to talk about it with my other parent friends, ”said parent Megan Rivoire.

Now that the vaccine is out, the children have slowly but surely returned in masquerading.

“We try to be outside as much as possible because they don’t have to wear them in the open,” Ash said.

“I totally put trust in someone else’s hands because I have to do my job every day,” Rivoire said.

Others in the child care industry are also familiar with the struggle to deal with the pandemic, including the director of the children’s center at Cuesta College, Katie Mervin.

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in my career. The teachers are completely exhausted, no one applies for a job, it’s stressful every day. If one of my teachers gets sick, I don’t have a replacement. We have very limited replacements, ”said Mervin.

Child care centers continue to persist despite the obstacles COVID-19 has presented to them.

“There really was an opportunity to connect with other people and talk about what you do and how you do it,” Mervin said.

“We are grateful to be open even though there have certainly been challenges. We’re trying to see the bright side, ”Ash said.

“It’s so important to know that I am sending my child somewhere where they will be safe and cared for and not just academically but also emotionally,” said Rivoire.

Students must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test in order to return to daycare.

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